Shambhala Expeditions creates unique, transformational journeys that provide an entirely new type of private jet experience. We believe in the power of storytelling to spark the curiosity and wanderlust that lives inside each of us.


Eastern Indonesia and the wallace line

Without a doubt, Indonesia is one of the most remarkably diverse places on the planet. Whether it is wildlife found nowhere else on either side of the Wallace Line—the endangered orangutan of Indonesian Borneo and the elusive Komodo dragon—to its groups of indigenous yet dramatically different peoples, Indonesia holds a key to answering several of humankind’s most intriguing questions about our origins, and how we can apply these ancient learnings to lead a more meaningful life.

Eastern Indonesia and The Wallace Line is a special itinerary that was carefully designed to include destinations that no other private jet company has been able to offer until now. Our route, from a base in Singapore through the exotic and fascinating Indonesian archipelago, takes in some of the most amazing places in this incredible part of the world. It includes visits to places rarely seen by outsiders that help to enlighten our guests about the extraordinary details of the human journey, the subject of Dr. Spencer Wells’ groundbreaking work.

Ancient Cures and Modern Miracles

There is probably no better introduction to the wonderful healing and spiritual powers of Asia than through these destinations. For this Ancient Cures and Modern Miracles journey, we’ve selected seven places that will provide ample opportunities for awe, enrichment, invigoration, and sheer bliss.  Learn the ancient practices of Ayurvedic medicine in its homeland of Kerala, and practice yoga and meditation where The Beatles once did in Rishikesh, India. Trek to one of the holiest sites in Buddhism, Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan. Observe monks in their sacred morning alms ritual in Luang Prabang, Laos.

This journey includes the most definitive places, moments, rituals, and lessons of several Eastern religions and philosophies. Along the way, we will enjoy endemic healing practices and prayers, proven to soothe the body and the soul. This will be an unforgettable experience you will not find anywhere else, with special opportunities to go behind closed doors with world-renowned experts in health and wellness practices. Join us as we learn more about transforming into our best possible selves, which will forever shape how we see our world.