how we travel

A Completely New Concept in Private Jet Travel

How we Travel


Unlike the 757s used by bigger operators with 90-plus passengers and crew, we use smaller, more flexible jets.

Our flagship aircraft is the Gulfstream 550. With a range of 6,750 nautical miles (over 12,000 kilometers nonstop), and the ability to land on shorter, high-altitude runways, this jet greatly expands the range of destinations available for our unique journeys.



Our small group will have plenty of room to relax as the aircraft can safely transport up to 19 passengers, though our departures will only have 10 passengers and two Shambhala staff members.


Travel in Style

The well-appointed cabin features the Gulfstream’s signature oval windows to fill the cabin with natural light, and a ventilation system with 100 percent fresh air, both of which keep passengers feeling more refreshed. A quiet interior ensures a peaceful flight, despite the craft’s two powerful Rolls-Royce engines. Never a wasted moment, you will experience the luxury of private jet travel and this one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn, reflect, and relax in the sky.